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Open Game Thread: Friday, April 15

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Lightning and Penguins are just about to drop the puck on game 2 of their series in Pittsburgh.  The Penguins took game one with Marc-Andre Fleury dropping a goose-egg on the high-powered Lightning offense.

Thirty minutes later, at 7:30, the Capitals and Rangers will resume their series.  Game one saw a late Capitals comeback and an Alexander Semin goal in the extra frame to win.

Chicago looks for some kind of spark against Vancouver at 10:00 tonight.  The Canucks won the first game 2-0 and Chicago did not look particularly threatening.

The final game of the night is Nashville at Anaheim.  That series' first game saw a dominant performance by the Predators and the Ducks losing their composure late.  Can Anaheim overcome goaltending questions and a suddenly quiet offense against the defensive system of Nashville and their goalie, Pekka Rinne?

Also, as a reminder and a plea.  If you see any headshots tonight, please report them using the google form in the following link.  Thank you: