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Sunday Playoffs Open Thread

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Oh, that's going to be a BIG fine.
Oh, that's going to be a BIG fine.

Despite lingering concerns about how yesterday's game ended, the Wings join Vancouver, Washington, and Montreal as the teams up 2-0 in their respective series'.  Today, two of those teams hit the road to put those leads to the test in tough environments.  Meanwhile, Anaheim and Nashville turn to the Music City to break a 1-1 deadlock.


(1) Washington Capitals vs. (8) New York Rangers

Capitals lead 2-0
3:00 PM  on NBC, TSN, RDS



(4) Anaheim Ducks vs. (5) Nashville Predators

Series tied 1-1
6:00 PM on TSN, RIS


(1) Vancouver Canucks vs. (8) Chicago Blackhawks

Canucks lead 2-0
8:00 PM on VS, CBC, RDS



Elsewhere around the league yesterday: Philadelphia turned their 1-goal series into a 10-goal series, as Philadelphia came out on top of Buffalo 5-4 in a game that had a lot of people questioning the refrees' sanity.  That series will turn to Buffalo on Monday night tied 1-1.  Montreal continued to stifle Boston on the Bruins' home ice and now hold a 2-0 series advantage that they'll show off to their home crowd when the games shift north of the border.  Boston is going to have to find a way to get goals past Carey Price if they're going to make this one interesting.  In the late action, the Sharks fell flat against an undermanned but scrappy Kings team.  Los Angeles withstood an early push before scoring two first-period power play goals from their blueliners, eventually going on to win 4-0 and evening up the series at one apiece before play resumes in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Use this thread to discuss the games you're watching today, your thoughts on the series, how much you're starting to dislike Coyotes fans, or any other thoughts on this year's playoffs.