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X Ways to Command a Series

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Well, that was exactly what I wanted to see from the Wings.  Come out on their ice, grab them by the throat and just squeeze the life out of the building.  It was amazing how quiet that white-out got only a few minutes into the game. Ending this series quickly will allow us to be rested for whomever comes our way next round.  


Follow me after the jump for your Game 3 X ways.

I - The Wings are 2-0 for their 2 newest fans.  I'm hoping sometime around mid-June they'll be 15-0 for them.

II - Mad Libs time.  It's nice and short.  Pick a noun and a verb.  Think of them before continuing and post your answers.

III - Phoenix's defense did a good job neutralizing Datsyuk.  The only problem is that they forgot to stop they other 17 players as well.

IV - It's hard for Bryzgalov to stop a shot when he doesn't even react.  I think there has been one every game that he either doesn't see, or just freezes on.  Hard to steal a series when that happens.

V - That was a good solid hit by Pyatt on St. Nick.  Nick was a little off balance and he still got him shoulder to shoulder and separated him from the puck.

VI - Well called game from the officials.  They let the teams play and didn't call the ticky tack stuff.

VII - If anyone has watched this series and still thinks Jimmy is a weak spot and should be replaced, I want whatever you're taking because it must be good.

VIII - Mad Libs answer "Shane Doan can eat (noun) and (verb)."

IX - Ed Jovanovski is proof that fake tough guys who hide behind cages aren't limited to beer leagues.

X - Up next: Wednesday in Phoenix at quarter to dawn 10:30pm.  Time to close arena.


Bonus V Ways (a look at games around the league).

I - I really thought Chicago would put up a better fight than Dallas.  Guess nobody is perfect.

II - It will be interesting to see what the NHL does about Chris Kunitz's and Steve Downie's hits.  Both should be sitting for game 4.

III - LA is certainly doing a good job without Kopitar.   Hopefully they can keep home ice now that they've taken it from the Sharks.

IV - The former best Russian in the league is going to have to find a way to make his team win on the road.  Not sure they would want to have another 8 seed eliminate push them to 7 games. 

V - Do or Die on Madison tonight.  Can Kane, Toews and Sharp will their way to a game 5?



Apologies for no game 2 X Ways.  Watched the game and had planned on writing it, but by the time we got visitors out of the room, my wife and I were exhausted.  Both girls are home and doing well.  Most of all, they give me an excuse to stay up late for these games.