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X Reasons That The Score Is A Lie

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Well, at least he doesn't have rubber gloves on.
Well, at least he doesn't have rubber gloves on.

Phoenix put up a fight.  They didn't roll over and they definitely brought it last night.  It makes me wonder if they could have stolen game 1 or 2 if they had spent more time playing hockey and less time throwing the body around.  In the end, the Wings win the toughest game of any series and now get a well earned lengthy rest before the second round begins.

Follow me after the jump for the final Round 1 X ways.


I - Bryzgalov was our (or at least my) biggest concern going into this series.  If I had it all to preview again, he'd still be my biggest concern.  Yes he was "off" for the series, but he is still one of the best goalies in the league.

II - Two other games went to OT last night.  And the way last night was going, I'm still slightly in shock that a third game didn't go to OT.

III - 3 of the last 5 Phoenix goals were odd bounces off Detroit defensemen.  You're not going to win many games in the playoffs when you have to rely on luck to get the puck in the net.

IV - 4 games Detroit had an empty net to shoot at, and only 1 goal scored.  Maybe Phoenix should have left it empty from the opening drop.

V - Last time we swept the first round, we went to the Finals.  Just sayin'.

VI - Brad Stuart owes Drew Miller a steak dinner after taking the scenic route to an icing puck.

VII - Nobody got better at hockey by bowling.    Still Classic.

VIII - Hanzal should have left Holmstrom alone on the first goal.  There's no way he picks that corner on purpose.

IX - This isn't going to be an easy off season for Yotes fans.  Hopefully there is a resolution sooner than later, it's not fair to them not get an answer until August or September.

X - Next game - Not sure.  Hopefully it'll be late next week against an opponent who just played a knock down drag out 7 game battle.


Bonus V Ways

I - Well, the Hawks guns came to play in game 4 and hold off elimination.  Does that determination travel with them to Vancouver?  Do the Sedin's have another 60 minute collective brain fart?

II - NY Post is reporting this morning that Marian Gaborik is on suicide watch.

III - VS needs an alternate channel to be used for playoff overtime.

IV - That Ducks/Preds series is going 7 games.  No question about it.

V - Congrats to Stevie Y on your GM of the Year nomination.