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X Ways To Have A Good Weekend

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Well, that was a great weekend.  Possibly the best 120ish minutes the Wings have played all season.  And the results were even better.  Clinch the playoffs one day, and the Central the next.  This is the Red Wings playoff team, and this is the team that CANNOT be beat by anyone else in the league.  Let's hope they decide to show up for 16 games this spring.


Follow me after the jump for the Division Winning X Ways.

I - Well, apparently the rule on goaltender interference was rewritten Saturday night to allow the defense to throw players into their goalie.  That was an absolutely terrible call.

II - It would figure, the one game I decide not to make a pick, and the Gator puts on a total game clinic.  He was throwing his body around and just making things happen.

III - Modano - Actually Hurting, or Wily Veteran?

IV - It's a good thing Homer clipped Pekka Rinne with his elbow and not his armpit.  Didn't need to lose him for the game on that play.

V - Great hands by Pavel Holmstrom.

VI - Despite being down 3-0 on Saturday, the Wings were definitely the better team on the ice.  When they come out playing like this and setting the physical tone, they WILL win games, they just need to do it every night.

VII - Are the two "borderline" goals today a sign that refs are going to wait longer before blowing plays dead?  Let's hope so.

VIII - While it had no effect on the puck beating Rinne on Saturday, I can see why the ref made the interference call.  Homer needs to work on changing his play depth.  Another 6-12 inches out and the refs may start giving him a break rather than calling him tighter.

IX - There is no definition of Boarding, Charging or anything else that covers what Justin Abdelkader did to Martin Erat.  That was the textbook definition of a pure, hard, clean body check.

X - Really would have liked to see Round 3 of Bertuzzi/OBrien.


Up Next: The great divisional rivalry.  What?  We have to play Hartford South first?  Crap.  Ok.  Wednesday (7pm) we head down to Carolina to get a pointless, a meaningless, one last game out of the way before getting a couple of parting shots  on Chicago.