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Game 1: Sharks 2, Red Wings 1 (OT)

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These things are much more fun to write when the Red Wings win.

After over a week off, the Wings were back in action to kick of the 2nd round in San Jose. The first period started well. The Wings got off to a good start and there was some solid back-and-forth action. There were some questionable non-calls (boarding on Abdelkader?), but there were also some weak calls that went against the Sharks later in the period. At 9:30 of the period, Pavel Datsyuk hit Nicklas Lidstrom with a beautiful pass which saw The Perfect Human find the back of the net. Wings took an early 1-0.

Unfortunately, that would be the only goal of the night for Detroit.

2nd and 3rd period recap and more after the jump.

The 2nd period was a completely different story. The Wings lost the puck possession game and the Sharks took it to them. Detroit was badly out-shot in the period 18-9. Jimmy Howard was very sharp and on top of his game though. If it wasn't for him, the Wings might have been in big trouble. Highlight of the period had to come when Joe Pavelski gave Jimmy a snow shower and Jimmy jumped up and introduced him to his glove. Scare of the period came when Todd Bertuzzi dropped his gloves in pain and skated to the bench. It looked like he was cut, but appeared to be okay. Thank goodness. You opinion of Bert aside, you never want to see anyone get cut by a skate.

In the 3rd, we'll start with the Bertuzzi boarding call. I'm not going to argue whether it was a legit boarding call or not, but if you're not going to call it in the 1st when Abby got hit, then don't call it in the 3rd. Be consistent, please. That's all I ask. The Pavelski goal was a nice play. I would have liked Jimmy to hold on to the puck and not give up a rebound, but Pavelski hit the thing out of mid-air. Drew Miller has got to separate the man from the puck there or stay on his feet. The Patrick Eaves slash...come on now.

Overtime started with a bang. Datsyuk and Zetterberg were clicking. Really wish they could've finished. And then things got crazy and Abby was sent to the box. And I must quote Kyle Kujawa (from Babcock's Death Stare...remember him?)

A 4-on-1 turned into a blocked shot and a four minute high sticking penalty. I don't think many good things have ended up worse than that.

Couldn't have said it any better. No doubt it was a high stick, but I would've like to have actually seen the blood. I'm sure it was actually there, but thanks for showing us CSN. Great PK by the Wings to kill off all 4 minutes. Abby came out of the box, the Wings couldn't clear, and Benn Ferriero throws the puck on the net only to get a deflection off Kronwall's stick and his first career playoff goal.

Game over. Sharks lead the series 1-0.

  • Sharks have won 11 in a row & are 15-1 when Joe Pavelski scores in the playoffs. New game plan...don't let that guy score. He's like the new Adam Deadmarsh...a Wing killer.
  • Detroit was out shot 46-25. The Sharks are a good team and will get their shots, but 25 is unacceptable for the Wings. They have to do better than that. I feel like Niemi wasn't really tested at all. Throw everything at him and crash the net.
  • I'm not going to blame the refs for this game. The Wings need to play better. At times they looked good, but a majority of the time the Sharks took it to them. With that said, if the Wings put together a strong, solid performance like we've seen them do, they will beat the Sharks. It's only one game, they didn't play near their best and lost 2-1 in overtime. No one believes this is going to be a short series by any means. It sucks losing, but this series is FAR from over. Be angry, regroup, work hard in practice, and get ready for game 2. All that time off and rest is going to pay dividends in games 5-7.