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X Ways to Feel Anticipointment

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Well, that was a bit of a let down.  I don't think the Wings came out flat, but they were definitely outworked in the second and third.  When's the last time the Wings didn't get double digit shots in every period?

The good news, it's only one game, and we have another one, which won't require copious amounts of coffee, in just over a day.

Follow me after the jump to take a look at your Game 1 X Ways.

I - We waited 9 days for that?

II - We've speculated as to whether Jimmy has the ability to steal a game.  I think that discussion is over.

III - Glad Bert is okay.  That was a scary couple of minutes.

IV - The ref should talk to his dealer because he got some tainted stuff.  That's the only explanation for the Big Rig "hooking" call.

V - Franzen needs to get moving.  I think I only heard his name once the entire game.  Not good.

VI - Some San Jose area used car dealerships are missing their best salesmen.

VII -  I loved the fire out of Jimmy when Pavelski sprayed him.  Stand up and don't give an inch.

VIII - I love Gator, but damn he had a terrible game.  If he's not going to hit people, then give Drapes or Mo a chance.

IX - How did the NHL approve this arena design?  Either both teams should have locker room access from the bench, or neither team should.  That a modern arena was built like this is just baffling.

X - Niemi: Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.


Playoffs Bonus V Ways:

I - Some epic round 1 games.  The only disappointment is that we're 1 round closer to summer.

II - Great game by Pekka Rinne.  His team was thoroughly dominated, and he still gave them a very valid chance to win.

III - It took Vancouver a game 7 OT to eat Chicago, and they could only manage 1 goal against a Predators team they dominated for 60 minutes.  That can't be good.

IV - Hope Gagne is ok.  That was kinda scary watching his head bounce of the ice.

V - Daniel Carcillo is such a douchebag, even Pronger thinks he's a douchebag.