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Time To Ground Little Brother: Blackhawks at Wings

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Chicago Blackhawks
43-28-9, 95 Pts (8th in West)

Game #81

Detroit Red Wings
46-24-10, 102 Pts (3rd in West)
Arena: Joe Louis Arena--Detroit, MI
Starting goalie: Corey Crawford
Starting goalie: Jimmy Howard
32-17-6, 2.27 GAA
36-16-5, 2.76GAA
SBN Blog: Second City Hockey Last meeting: 3-2 OT - CHI

7:30 PM EDT


So what's more important here: winning the game and keeping the Hawks out of the playoffs, or staying completely healthy?Me, I say that these are not mutually exclusive ideas. Why can't we have both? But I'm greedy.

Your 2011 Central Division champions are home to the defending Stanley Cup champions in the penultimate game of the season. For the Wings, their ticket to the postseason was punched last week, while the Hawks are still standing in the "will call" line. A win tonight for Chicago coupled with a Dallas loss earns them a chance to defend their title. Let's not allow that to happen, ok?

We know how the Wings are missing Henrik Zetterberg and Niklas Kronwall, but the Hawks played a game earlier this year without Hossa and Kane and looked good against these Wings, so injuries are no excuse. I know the guys want to just make it to the playoffs without any more casualties, but that does not mean they lay over and die in the last 2 games.

Just remember, Wings: you have a chance to gain home-ice through the first 2 rounds AND help prevent the Hawks from making it to the playoffs. In layman's terms, this is called "win-win". This is your game thread.