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Special Game Thread: Michigan Vs UMD

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Being a Red Wing blog, it's only natural that we have a lot of Michigan fans. Tonight, the Wolverines attempt to do what the Red Wings have spent all year working towards: winning the championship.

Michigan takes on the University of Minnesota-Duluth tonight at 7 pm EDT. The game is on ESPN and (for those without TV). The Wolverines rode an early goal and Shawn Hunwick's incredible goaltending to a 2-0 win over North Dakota, while UMD defeated Brett Lebda's alma mater Notre Dame 4-3.

I won't lie and say I have a dog in this fight, but I know a lot of you are pulling for Michigan. From a Wings' perspective, there are no prospects playing tonight. However, we wanted to give any of you who are watching the game a place to congregate and chat. Take a break from the Wings' uninspired play to watch these kids play their hearts out for a chance at a national championship.