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X Reasons to Believe

Holy Hell that was an epic game.  The Wings threw everything they had at the Sharks and Niemi, and it almost for naught.

But even after the San Jose took the lead by centimeters, there was still a feeling of hope.  This was a Wings team that wasn't going to take "No" for an answer.  They were just going to keep picking away, slowly finding those cracks in the armor (and psyche) and widening them.  Then a deflection.  Then a perfect pass.  Then a steal and empty netter.  Then it was over.

Game 7.  Thursday.  History will be made.

I - "Knocked down by Helm with an empty net......SCORE!!!!!!"

II - It's one thing when Gator or Kronner are throwing the body around.  But you know we're on it when Datsyuk is throwing the body.

III - 2 great stick checks by Danny Boyle to bail out his team. 

IV - Holy Dangles Datsyuk!!

V - The reason Zetterberg didn't act like he was shot at the end of the game.  What is "CLASS", Alex?

VI - Gutless.  Absolutely gutless play by Marleau on Modano.

VII - I know Gator's penalties are ill-timed, but I think it says something about Babcock's confidence in him that he is on the second PK unit.

VIII - Not sure why everyone thinks Niemi was that great.  CLEARY(!) faked him out of his pads, and he had to rely on deflected pucks and defensemen stepping up to keep a couple other sure fire goals from going in.

IX - Only 8 teams have done this (the Isles did it twice in 1 year!!).  And only 3 have won the game 7.  If the pattern holds, Detroit becomes #4.

X - Next up:  The longest 2 days of work that any of us will ever have.