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X Reasons to Feel Proud

Well, that didn't turn out quite the way we had hoped.

Then again, after game 3, no one really expected it to get this far. That we were even playing this game showed just what kind of grit and testicular fortitude this team has. This team kept plugging away despite 2 heartbreaking OT losses.

No doubt this one is going to sting for a while, as any elimination loss does, but that will fade and we'll start looking at how we can make next year better.

Follow the jump for your X Ways.

I - <- This is the number of points that separated these teams at the end of the season. It's the number of goals that decided all 7 games (screw the empty net) and 11 of the 12 in the last 2 years.

II - A well called game. A well played game. The Sharks came out hungrier in the first, and it proved the difference. Well done.

III - The Magician reached into his bag of tricks, and pulled out one last doozy, just couldn't seem to get the cards laid out for a second one.

IV - 5 words on why the Wings should move east - Wings, Sharks, Stanley Cup Final.

V - How bad was our powerplay in the first period? The Sharks had more shots than we did.

VI - 2 weeks ago, many predicted this would go 7. 3 days ago, everyone was surprised it was going to 7. Today, everyone is wondering why we have to stop at 7.

VII - This team needs to play full games next year. This habit of playing only 40 minutes is not going to cut it.

VIII - Did I mention this one still stings a bit?


X - Up next: A long off-season, hopefully without a bittersweet announcement.