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Tuesday Night Open Thread: Eastern Conference Finals Game 2

This may be my favorite coach picture ever.
This may be my favorite coach picture ever.

We're all still alive; trust me. It's just that we're still getting over last Thursday.  Red Wings news is somewhat light around this time, as Lidstrom continues to mull his future, Babcock mulls the changes that need to be made, and Holland mulls the draft.  All in all, lots of mulling.  The big talk around the league seems to be on the Atlanta Thrashers' ownership situation and what that might mean to the future of the franchise's location and the alignment of the league.

We'll get to all of that in due time and much more in the coming weeks.  For tonight, there's hockey.  The Bruins, having already lost their home ice advantage thanks to a 5-2 Game 1 loss to the Lightning, will look to regain their form and composure as they welcome Tampa Bay back into their barn for Game 2.  I don't speak for all of Red Wings' nation, but I feel confident in thinking that most of the Wings' faithful is pulling for the Steve Yzerman-assembled Bolts in this one.

For news from the Bruins' side, check out Stanley Cup of Chowder - the SB Nation home of Boston's hockey coverage.  Today, they ask the question about whether Patrice Bergeron will return to Boston's lineup for Game 2.  The Bruins' center has not played since suffering a concussion in game 4 of Boston's 2nd-round matchup with the Philadelphia Flyers.  The young Flyers' forward caught Bergeron coming out of his own zone with a north-south hit that felled him.  Boston will be looking to get a better goaltending performance out of Vezina candidate Tim Thomas this evening.

On the good guys' side (sorry, Bruins), check out Raw Charge - SB Nation's resident Lightning Blog.  John Fontana's Game 2 preview discusses what appears to be a gameplan by Boston that involves physical and psychological intimidation of Tampa, including the Milan Lucic sucker punch on Victor Hedman.  Fontana also tries to temper fan expectations that Tim Thomas can be expected to give up three goals in less than two minutes on a regular basis.  Tampa Bay is trying to win their 9th consecutive playoff game (something done by the 2007-08 Red Wings).  The team is looking nigh-unbeatable these days.

It's a Game 2 ECF open thread.  Remember, anything goes unless it doesn't.