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X Ways to Keep Things In Perspective

Game 2 seemed a bit more disappointing than Game 1.  Maybe it was because we didn't go to OT.  Maybe it was because we had to listen to Dave Strader put up with Joe Micheletti.  Maybe it's because we've been down this road before and need the Wings to pull a 180 before we run out of road.


And maybe it's because we were all reminded last night that there are things more important than a hockey game.  That while we are able to forget about the real world for a few hours and enjoy a hockey game, there are men and women around the world fighting to make it a safer place.  To find the evil that still exists out there and bring it to justice.  To those men and women, I say Thank You.


And now, our game 2 X Ways.


I - It's Deja Vu all over again.

II - Datsyuk is still the most dangerous player on the ice for either team.  He's been the primary set-up on both Wings goals, and has created countless other opportunities.

III - Well, that's 2 piss-poor performances from the Gator.  I think game 3 may be a good time for him to take a break and see if one of the healthy scratches can provide a spark.

IV - Not too happy with the Bertuzzi/Eager exchange.  First Bert gets a matching minor for being assaulted, and then Eager is given a 10 rather than 2.  So out of all the asshattery, the Wings still don't get an advantage.

V - Can someone explain again why you can't change on an icing?  I'm pretty sure it wasn't so we could spend 5 minutes watching the 4 blind mice try and figure out who should be out there.

VI - Jimmy was spectacular again.  He limited the opposition to 2 goals, which should be more than enough for our guys to get the W.

VII - Am I the only one who thinks Niemi is fighting the puck?  He looks lost out there at times and it seems more like sheer dumb luck that he hasn't given up more than 2 goals.

VIII - The last time the Wings won after being down 2-0 was against Vancouver in 2002.  Any chance Dan Cloutier is available for the Sharks?

IX - Darren Helm - Please schedule some time with Pavel Datsyuk to work on breakaway strategies.  Thanks.

X - Up Next: Game 3 at 8pm on Wednesday from the Joe.