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X Reasons I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing

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Finally, a couple bounces our way and that glimmer of hope is a bit brighter.  This win I think is better than the 7-1 drubbing last year.  When you lose 7-1, you can chalk it up to "Just not our night".  When you lose 4-3 on final 90 goal, it can put a little bit more doubt in your mind.

Let's hope the San Jose psyche starts to show a few cracks.

Follow me after the jump for your fully armed and operational X Reasons.

I - Looks like Heatley is still feeling the effects of his Kronwalling.

II - My heart was racing the final few minutes.  Too many times we've watched the Wings accomplish nothing with sustained offensive zone pressure only to have the opponent score right after.  Getting the game winner the way we did was crucial.

III - PK was better.  They killed them all, and were very solid especially late.

IV - The Perfect Human doesn't have a goal of the year candidate.  The contest is over, he's just won it.

V - Draper could not buy a goal.

VI - Abdelkader had a mini redemption on the game winner.  Nice hustle and work to tie up 2 guys and keep them from being able to cleanly clear the puck. 

VII - Derek Amell, if you can't break up a fight evenly, don't tie up the non aggressor and allow the -douchebag- instigator to continue throwing punches.

VIII - It's about time we started making Niemi pay for his rebounds.  We harped on Howard throughout the season, I can't image what some of the posts would have looked like if we had Niemi instead.

IX - Gator, careful with your stick.

X - Next Up: 8pm Sunday from San Jose.  The next 30 hours are going to take forever.