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X Ways to Change History

Last year, we dropped 3, 1-goal games, put up a 7 spot in game 4 and then proceded to give away game 5.

This year, we dropped 3, 1-goal games, squeaked by in game 4 and then were poised to give away game 5.

And then something inexplicable happened. The team that had shown little heart through the first 42 minutes, suddenly had a fire. They were hustling, they were creating chances, and more importantly, they were capitalizing on those chances. They decided that this series wasn't going to end in 5 games. They wanted at least one last game at home in front of the Red Wings faithful.

And now they have it.

Follow me after the jump for the Game 5 X Ways.

I - The Magician did it again. How many more tricks does he have up his sleeves?

II - I must admit, when the Sharks went up 2-0, I was about ready to give up.

III - Really Jumbo Joe? That reaction on a stick tap? Bin Laden didn't even react like that and he WAS shot.

IV - I think this may have been Big Rig's best game of the playoffs so far.

V - Not so easy to sucker punch a guy when he puts you on your ass first is it Clowe?

VI - Each win like this, solidifies Detroit's psyche and puts another crack in the Sharks'.

VII - Even when he blocks shots, Setoguchi dives.

VIII - I'm pretty sure Niemi's "Rebound Control" rating in NHL 12 is going to be single digits.


X - 3 out of 4 goals from the D. Way to step up when the O was getting stymied.

Next Up: Tuesday from the Joe. 7:30 pm. Let's take it to 7.