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This Is It: Game 7 Thread

All non-Canuck fans hope this picture is a metaphor for the outcome of this series.
All non-Canuck fans hope this picture is a metaphor for the outcome of this series.

Good evening to everyone. Tonight, if you hadn't heard, there's a hockey game happening that is a little bit important.

The Boston Bruins, fresh off a 5-2 dismantling of the Vancouver Canucks in Beantown, look to become the 2nd team in 3 years to win the 4th straight team to win the Stanley Cup on the road. They'll be taking on a Canucks team that seems to have the mental stability of a Melba toast cracker. The only real good news for the Canucks is that the game is taking place in Vancouver, where the Bruins have twice failed to score a goal.

As with any Game 7, there are an abundance of storylines. Some of them to watch for tonight:
Does Roberto Luongo finally silence his critics once and for all and lift the Cup for the first time?
Needing only 1 save tonight to set the record for most saves in an NHL postseason, Tim Thomas may be your Conn Smythe winner regardless of the outcome of the game.
How will the losses of Nathan Horton and Mason Raymond affect each team?
If the Canucks win, will Henrik trade jerseys with Daniel to mess with everyone?
If the Bruins win, will Chara lift the Cup so high that the people in the nosebleeds are able to read the names engraved on the side?
Which fanbase will become more arrogant after their team wins: the Canuckleheads who will proclaim that they "brought the Cup home to Canada" despite the rest of the country loathing their team of divers and biters, or the Boston fans who have seen every other professional franchise win a championship in each of the other 3 major sports, ensuring that we'll never hear the end of how wickedly retahded Boston is as a sports town?

Puck drop is at 7 pm ET, and we wanted to give each and every one of you a chance to discuss the game. If you have a rooting interest and are interested in chatting with fans of that team, you can head to Nucks Misconduct for the Vancouver perspective or Stanley Cup of Chowder if you're a pseudo-Bruins fan.

Regardless of what happens tonight, it's been a hell of a ride this season, and it all comes to an end. Get your fix in, because this is the last meaningful hockey any of us are going to see until October. Did I depress all of you? Great. Let's get to game threading.