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Quick Hits: Wallin to Finland, Jagr to Detroit Rumor

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Today, let's take a quick glance around the league at the big headlines of the first morning of Boston's rule.  Let me start off by congratulating the Bruins and the city of Boston for hoisting the Stanley Cup last night, and letting their city stay in one piece.

Now for the fun.

  •  San Jose Sharks defenseman Niclas Wallin has left the NHL for greener (whiter?) pastures in Finland.  With the 36 year-old no longer a possible resigning for the Sharks, the Red Wings may have seen their chances lowered dramatically at signing Ian White this summer.  Expect the Sharks to throw a lot of effort into resigning White now, especially after he showed glimpses of brilliance in the playoffs.
  • Odd one here, but yesterday a Czech site reported that Jaromir Jagr was looking at the Wings as a possible destination for an NHL comeback.  Malik followed up with a clarification:

Regarding the Jagr-to-the-Red Wings rumor from Denik Sport’s Zdenek Janda, as noted this morning, here’s all you need to know about the legitimacy of a, "Jagr’s pal, Jaroslav Zidek, says Detroit would be a good fit" line—none of the other Czech hockey websites are so much as mentioning this "report." Not one. It’s just a pal of Jagr’s making a suggestion and a website plastering a picture of Jagr and a Red Wings logo to generate web traffic (now Expressen’s report that Niclas Wallin’s left the NHL to play for Lulea, that one’s true);

UPDATE: As reported by DeathToTheBlackhawks in a fanpost a few minutes ago, there may be more juice to this rumor than originally thought.  Is Jagr as a Wing a real possibility?

  • As you may have heard, Boston won Game 7 last night, their third of this playoffs, and the Canucks fans were none too pleased.  The people took to the streets and riots broke out.  Cars burned, people were hurt, glass littered the streets.  Not a pleasant site for any sports fan.
  • A quick congratulations to Tim Thomas for winning the Conn Smythe as the Playoffs MVP.  He's the odds-on-favorite to win the Vezina as goaltender of the year later this month in Las Vegas as well.
  • Last, but certainly not least, one the final warriors of my childhood, Mark Recchi, announced his retirement from the NHL last night after lifting the Stanley Cup above his head for the third time in his career.  577 goals and 956 assists in 1,652 games played, the fourth most in history (oddly enough, he retires with just one more game played than Chris Chelios).  First ballot hall of famer, yay or nay?