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Pro/No: Nicklas Lidstrom

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Our joint TPL/WIIM project of laying out the Wings' free agents and putting them up for a user vote is nearing its conclusion.  Today we head back over to TPL to deal with what many people would consider a no-brainer, Nicklas Lidstrom.

A quick reminder about the cap situation, which may have your head spinning.  Detroit has about $42M committed against what will likely be close to a $62M cap.  Much of what Ken Holland has said indicates that a great share of their approximately $20M spending room is going to go towards defense.  This seems to jive with the Wings' organizational philosophy, considering just about $14M worth of cap space that was on the Detroit's roster last year is currently not (by virtue of retirements and unrestricted free agents who are yet to or who are not going to re-sign).

Head on over to The Production Line to read the vitals on the Red Wings' captain and give your vote as to whether you're Pro/No on Lidstrom.