I'd like to propose something out of the box

So the draft is in 5 days.  The top pick is going to come down to a coin flip between defenseman Adam Larsson and forward Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.  The preceding was fact.  Now for the conjecture.


I was listening to NHL radio Saturday and an interesting report was brought up.  The report claimed that Edmonton might want to look to move out of the first overall pick if they could get either a prospect or player that is ready to step into the NHL right now. They are in dire need of help on the blue line. This got me thinking.

Adam Larsson is widely regarded as a player that will become a franchise defenseman in the next 3 years or so.  A player like this would be great to have and develop into a leader once TPH leaves after next year.  We have a blueliner (technically not signed) that could help Edmonton right away.  I'm talking about the one...the only...Jonathan Ericsson.

I'm proposing a sign and trade with Edmonton for the first overall pick.  Now, what would we have to give up in order to get it?  Well, we've already established they would be looking for a defenseman to fill a hole immediately.  Check - Shitbox.  The only other thing is they would definitely want our first round pick.  Check.  After that is all speculation.  I'm going to finalize the offer by including our 4th rounder this year and our 2nd rounder next year.

Doing this would give us a defenseman, likely for $900k for the next 3 years, that by all accounts could easily be a 3rd pairing guy for us this year and develop into a leader over the next couple years.  Doing this would also rid us of all the troubles caused by Rigatoni Shitboxxus.

Will this ultimately happen?  Iceberg's chance.  But let's have some fun.   Assuming Ericsson is included in the "deal," what else would have to be thrown in to make this happen.  We know it's not GOING to happen, but do you think it COULD happen?

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