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Quick Hits: Lidstrom Returns Edition

  • In case you haven't heard yet, Lidstrom is back next season for $6.2 million, the same he made last year.
  • Good news, everyone.  The salary cap is $64 million for next season.  That is $2 million higher than even the highest estimates had it pegged.  With the signing of Lidstrom, we have a little more than $16 million in cap space to sign Eaves and another forward, pay for Emmerton, Mursak, and possibly Smith to join the big leagues, a backup goalie, and a top 4 defenseman.  My own estimates yesterday have a minimum of $5 million available to sign that defenseman, possibly as high as $7 million.  James Wisniewski, anyone?
  • In addition to what we already knew, that Niclas Wallin was heading to Finland, the Sharks will not resign Scott Nichol and Jamal Mayers.  These are not likely free agent targets for the Wings, but it is always nice to know what is available.
  • Interesting fanpost yesterday by Dubie: what would you think of the Wings trading for the #1 pick?
  • Jagr's most interested in the Red Wings and Penguins.  Red Wings still seem to be interested, too.  Apparently Babcock did some recruiting of him yesterday.
  • Ilya Bryzgalov expects to sign a contract with Philly in the next day or two, officially taking him off the market.  Best goalie available will now be Tomas Vokoun.  He would be a good fit for the Stars, I think.  As for Philly, they may be putting themselves in a Chicago-esque situation, cap wise.
  • Craig Ramsay, the last coach of the Atlanta Thrashers, will not coach the Winnipeg Jets/Thrashers/Moose/Second Chances.
  • Hey, that Lidstrom guy is coming back next season.  Did you hear?
  • Red Wings preseason begins September 21.  In Pittsburgh.  It remains to be seen if Crosby or Malkin will be ready to play by then.
  • Ryan Smyth would love to go back to Edmonton.  Apparently the Kings have been trying to trade him and he has asked that they look hard at Edmonton.
  • Did you know that we don't have to pick another captain this season?  Yipee!