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Quick Hits: Lidstrom wins again

I have been handed the keys to the Quick Hits car this morning, buckle up and enjoy the ride. We're headed to Norris County.

  • I'm sure you've heard by now, but The Perfect Human took home his 7th Norris Trophy last night at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas. Lidstrom is now tied with Doug Harvey for the 2nd most Norris wins ever. Bobby Orr holds the record with 8. Look out No. 4...Lidstrom is coming for you.
  • Everyone's favorite Puck Daddy writer took a look at the the best and the worst of last night's awards show.
  • How close was the voting for last night? Check out the NHL Awards voting results.
  • The Stache may have left for Ottawa, but he'll be back soon than you think. Reports are that the Wings will open the season on October 7 at the Joe against Paul MacLean and his Senators. Stay tuned, the Wings full schedule is supposed to be released later today.
  • The draft is tomorrow. If you haven't already, take a look at TPL's mock draft. Who will the Wings take this year? Also, TPL will be holding a live draft chat tomorrow, some of us WIIM folk will be stopping by. Make sure to join.
  • Four Divisions? Wings and Jackets moving East? Some interesting realignment discussion coming from the Ottawa Sun.
  • Jagr might be wearing the Winged Wheel very soon. The Wings have reportedly made an offer and it's up to Jaromir to decide. How much would you be willing to spend on Jagr and how upset would you be if he received a deal worth $2.5 million?
  • The new Winnipeg franchise could have it's new name this weekend. We may not see a logo or sweater, but the name is expected to be announced. The team will use a generic NHL sweater at the draft.