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Quick Hits: Trades, Free Agents, and Ericsson, oh my!

I searched for Ericsson and it returned 12 pictures of his butt and three of him on a national team.  Perfect.
I searched for Ericsson and it returned 12 pictures of his butt and three of him on a national team. Perfect.

Welcome to Monday morning's Quick Hits.

  • After a bunch of set backs, the Los Angeles Kings have finally traded Ryan Smyth back to Edmonton.  Smyth has been asking to return to the Oilers ever since they traded him to New York a few years ago.  This trade was a cap clearing move for the Kings, with it clearing nearly $4 million in cap space to make room for recently acquired Mike Richards.  Rumors have it that Smyth and the Oilers are re-negotiating his own contract in an effort to ease things for the team.
  • Instead of having 10 bullet points about the draft day trades, head on over to ESPN for their convenient trade tracker.
  • And the award for first ridiculous contract of the summer goes to the Calgary Flames for signing Alex Tanguay to a 5 year, $17.5 million contract with a $3.5 million cap hit.  For a guy who has yet to come close to the production of his first 5 years in the league, that seems like a bit much.
  • Malik reports that the Wings have offered contracts to Patrick Eaves, Drew Miller, and Jonathan Ericsson.  Ericsson's contract is reportedly a multi-year deal worth $2 million a season.  For one of the more polarizing free agents we have this year, do you think Ericsson is worth that much?  Also, Malik.
  • The Detroit Free Press is reporting that the Wings are more likely to throw $3 million (sounds painful) at an older veteran defenseman like Ed Jovanovski (ugh) than overpay a younger guy.  I suppose that makes sense financially, but can we stop acting like older guys are the solution to the team?  We must rebuild our defensive corps and with Lidstrom likely retiring next summer, we must begin now.  Hopefully James Wisniewski doesn't believe himself more valuable than Ken Holland does.
  • As reported absolutely everywhere, the NHL is likely to dramatically change their divisional alignments in favor of 4 time-zone based divisions.  Expect a full writeup from Jeff soon.
  • This is pretty cool.  Stevie Y apparently drafted Slava Kozlov's nephew on Saturday.  Any day is a good day for some Russian Five news.
  • Jagr will not decide until free agency begins on July 1, when he can formally sign a contract.
  • More Malik: Malik reports that Kris Draper and Chris Osgood may not be done, as previously reported.