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Quick Hits: Bieska Gone, Kopecky Traded, Jagr Decision Coming

Sorry for the lateness today.  I have been rather ill recently and didn't wake up until later.

  • Let's start off with the big one: we can officially cross Kevin Bieska off our list.  He resigned with Vancouver for a $4.6 million cap hit.  Many had him pegged as being in the $5-5.5 million cap hit region.  Bieska signing for less may be a blessing in disguise for the Wings, as it could bring down the overall value of defensemen on the market
  • The next batch of Hall of Fame inductees will be announced today.  The big names are Ed Belfour, Pavel Bure, Eric Lindros, Adam Oates, Doug Gilmour, Dave Andreychuck, and Joe Nieuwendyk.  Former Wings eligible include Pat Verbeek, Martin Lapointe, Dallas Drake, Derian Hatcher, and Mike Vernon.  Verbeek and Vernon will likely find their place in the Hall some day, but not any time soon given their competition over the next few years.  Lapointe will never get in, Drake has a small chance, and Hatcher has a decent chance.
  • The most recent buyer interested in the Phoenix Coyotes has bowed out of the purchase.  With another buyer gone, it is looking more and more like the 'Yotes will be playing elsewhere in 2013.  The most commonly discussed locations are Hamilton, Quebec, and Seattle.
  • Everyone's favorite former Wing, Tomas Kopecky, was traded to Florida yesterday.
  • Everyone loves the potential realignment for the Wings.
  • Jagr could choose between the Penguins and Red Wings as early as today.