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Quick Hits: Worst. Pre-offseason. Ever.

This will be, without a doubt, the most depressing Quick Hits I have written to date, and for that I apologize.

  • Let's start off with the worst news: the Columbus Blue Jackets acquired the rights to James Wisniewski.  Odds are they will either have to severely overpay him to sign him, but Wis going anywhere is a severe hit in our boat.  We knew he wasn't signing with Montreal and would become a free agent.  Now... we have no clue.
  • Next up, potential backup goalie Dwayne Roloson was resigned by Yzerman yesterday. (Depending on which source, some say it is close to happening some say it has happened already)
  • Sticking with Yzerman, I bring you a tweet from yesterday on what is holding up the Steve Stamkos negotiations.  Per @DNFlyers via Greg Wyshniski of Puck Daddy:

@DNFlyers: Would 12 yrs and $115 mil ($9.58M AAV) w/ no-movement clause from start on offer sheet to Stamkos be a poison pill for Tampa? Interesting.

Basically, Stamkos is being ridiculous with what he wants from Tampa.  So much so that the Flyers have apparently stepped in and are trying to acquire the rights to the three-year pro or sign him to an offer sheet.  This is Stevie Y's first true test as a GM.  Let's hope it works out for him.


This Quick Hits is a bit long, so join me after the jump for more headlines.

  • Christian Ehrhoff was traded again.  The Sabres now have exclusive negotiations until Friday at noon.  However, it is widely reported that he wants to enter the free agent market regardless of what is offered to him by any single team.
  • Remember Tomas Kopecky?  No, not the opera singer.  The 'hockey player' that cost you hundreds in lost drinks as you threw them at your tv screen.  He got a massive deal with the Panthers after being traded there a few days ago.  4 years, $12 million big.  Tallon strikes again.
  • Brad Richards wants to be in "a hockey market with the opportunity to win."  Hockeytown certainly fits that bill.
  • The one and only Paul Kariya retired yesterday due to post-concussion problems.
  • The New York Rangers and Chris Drury finally cleared their hurdles and agreed to a buyout yesterday.  A lot of people seem to think he won't be able to find another job.  If he is willing to sign one year contracts at $1 million a piece for the rest of his career (he is only 34...), he'd be able to get work until he is 40 just on leadership and experience alone, I think.
  • Another Duck retired yesterday as Todd Marchant hung his skates up.  He will stay with the team as Director of Player Development.
  • No source on this, but ESPN Bottomline said today that Jagr had agreed to join the Penguins. #JagrWatch appears to be over.