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Pro/No: Kris Draper

We continue our joint series with those good-looking gentlemen (and one hot woman) at TPL as we continue to examine the Red Wings' free agents and decide whether they deserve a spot on the roster of the best organization in the NHL.

We've gone over the numbers the Wings have to play with so many times, I could recite them in my sleep.

It's been an interesting ride so far as we have looked at the Benjamin Button of NHL defensemen, both goalies, a reclamation project and a man who may have gray hair while in his 20s, but at least has a full head of hair. Today is different. Today is about a man who was obtained by the Wings for a mere $1 USD (or, $2.8M in CAD at the time). He was one of the original Grind Line members, a guy who has given everything to the Wings. He was the victim in the incident that sparked the Avs-Wings rivalrly. He's won a Selke Trophy. Hell, I named him as the 19th Greatest Red Wings of My Time.

Should Kris Draper be re-signed? Head on over to TPL for the voting form, and feel free to leave your comments over there or below.