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Quick Hits: Quick! Before Free Agency!

That butt is worth $3.25 million a year.
That butt is worth $3.25 million a year.
  • Everyone is still scratching their heads over Jonathan Ericsson's deal last night.  $9.75 million for 3 years is ludicrous.
  • This bullet was reserved for the Patrick Eaves re-signing.  I had heard that it was close to happening before bedtime last night and woke up to find no further news.  Odd.  In other news, Drew Miller will reportedly not re-sign with the Wings before noon today.  No source on that one, just remembering one of the hundreds of comments I read last night on here.
  • As I tweeted last night: Jagr can shove it.  He's now entertaining even more teams.  Holland has reportedly said that once it hits noon today, Jagr will be treated as any other unrestricted free agent would: there will be no quarter for him.  We will not hold onto roster or cap space hoping someone signs with us.  Instead, we will use it on a defeseman who doesn't deserve it. #JagrWatch continues
  • Jussi Jokinen got a 3 year, $9 million deal yesterday.  Tossup: Who would you rather have for $3 million a year: Jokinen or Ericsson?
  • Dwayne Roloson officially re-signed yesterday.  Yzerman also made it clear that he will match any offer for Steven Stamkos.
  • Remember Christian Ehrhoff?  He was one defenseman the Wings were looking at.  Not anymore.  He signed an absolutely massive 10 year, $40 million deal yesterday.  He will be one of three players in the league next season (Roberto Luongo and Vincent Lecavlier) to make $10 million in one of the most front sided deals signed to date.  Question of the day: Do the Sabres now have the best defensive corps in the league?
  • No updates on the James Wisniewski situation in Ohio.  There were some tweets yesterday that made it sound like he was signing an Ehrhoffish Deal (yes, I am trademarking the term) with the team, but I cannot find any hard source to support that.
  • Former grinder Darryl Sydor joined the Wild's coaching staff yesterday.
  • Lastly, the Avalanche will retire Peter Forsberg's jersey before their home opener.  A fitting tribute, especially since they will be playing his former arch rivals the Detroit Red Wings.

We will have an open thread up before free agency hits at noon to discuss the flurry of deals that will likely go down and let you know as soon as possible if Eaves or Miller re-sign.