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Quick Hits: We Have Our Backup's Backup!

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Yarp.  This is who the Flyers are counting on to bring them a Stanley Cup.
Yarp. This is who the Flyers are counting on to bring them a Stanley Cup.
  • As we posted yesterday, Joey MacDonald will be coming back to the team for next season.  It was originally assumed he would not after word spread that he would not sign a 2-way deal and Kenny would not sign him to a 1-way deal.  Looks like the compromise was a 2 year deal where only 1 year is 2-ways.  The NHL cap hit for both years is $550k, so this signing doesn't hurt our cap situation one bit.
  • Ilya Bryzgalov wants to bring a Cup to Philadelphia.  In other news, I have decided I would like to go on the next shuttle to space.
  • In other, unbelievably obvious news, the Capitals' coach Bruce Bordeau announced yesterday that after signing one of the top 5 goalies in the league, said goalie will be his starter in October.  Everyone put on your shocked faces!
  • As Malik reports, Joey Mac will not be the backup for this season.  Instead, he will be our third goalie and play the same role he did last year.  If Osgood/Conklin/Howard get injured, he'll be there to play.  Cannot put a price on experience in the minors, as Kenny has already showed us this summer by signing Garnet Exelby and Chris Conner.
  • As Malik and just about everyone reports (credit, as always, given to Malik for his awesome name. Malik), the fates of Chris Osgood and Kris Draper will be decided this week.  Signing Joey Mac substantially increased Ozzy's chances of returning while Kris Draper's days as a Wing have been fading since June 30th.
  • Malik (good day for my favorite name) reports that Tomas Jurco will return to the QMJHL and not play for the Griffins next season.  He also laments not being able to video record because Jurco was apparently pulling more YouTube tricks yesterday when the prospects practice got cancelled for the day.