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Quick Hits: Goalies, Broadcasters, and Cheechoos

  • Former 50 goal scorer Jonathan Cheechoo has signed with St. Louis.  Despite being a non-factor for several seasons, I still worry about having him in the division.
  • All uptight about Conklin and Osgood?  Well try this on for size.  According to Tomas Vokoun himself, the Wings were finalists for his services before the Capitals signed him for the absolutely ridiculous amount of $1.5 million.  Why didn't we get Vokoun?  Sounds like Babcock's insistence that Jimmy Howard is our starter scared him off.
  • The Kings avoided arbitration with Brad Richardson yesterday by signing him to a 2 year, $2.35 million deal.
  • Ken Daniels won the Ty Tyson award for excellence in broadcasting.
  • Edmonton traded iron-man Andrew Cogliano to the Ducks yesterday for a second round pick.  He hasn't missed a game in four seasons, apparently.  Quite the feat.
  • Per Malik, Ken Holland will not have his big meeting with Chris Osgood until Thursday evening at the earliest.  Friday will be the earliest we hear about a decision, though I doubt anything is announced before next week.
  • Ken Holland is now officially a US citizen.  He will hold dual citizenship in the United States and Canada.