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Quick Hits: Minor Leaguers, NHLers, and future Retirees

  • Let's start this off with interesting stuff: signings.  CapGeek reports that Brett Festerling has accepted the qualifying offer given by the Winnipeg Jets.  Not a huge NHL player, but one I love getting for NHL 11 so that is why he is news.
  • The Devils have re-signed Vladimir Zharkov (source) and Chad Wiseman (source).  More minor leaguers here, but Zharkov is a very promising Russian prospect who has spent half of each of the past two seasons in the NHL.
  • The Predators lost Shane O'Brien yesterday to the Avalanche.  I wouldn't have minded it if we signed O'Brien over White (not that I am complaining).  No contract details yet from what I can see.
  • Nice little write-up from Wyshniski about the state of the salary floor, primarily for the Avalanche and Islanders.
  • Kristian Huselius, a key member of the Columbus Blue Jackets, is out for 4-6 months after "tearing his chest" as ESPN so eloquently put it.
  • And now?  Red Wings news.  Chris Osgood will meet with Ken Holland tonight.  It is expected that they will discuss his future with the team and Holland will inform Osgood if he will or will not be the backup for one more season in Detroit.  Holland said yesterday that he expects to announce the backup on Saturday.  If the Wings decide to go the Ty Conklin route, it is widely believed that Ozzy will retire and be brought on in a coaching/development role.
  • Holland will also speak with Kris Draper soon about his future.  It is expected that Holland will inform him that there will not be a spot open and, like Ozzy, Draper will likely retire.  As with Maltby last season, it is very likely that the long-time Wing will be offered a job within the organization.
  • Here's one for the Alexander Semin fans: there is a persistent rumor out there that the Wings are actually interested in trading for the extremely talented Russian star. 

    So let us make this the topic of the day.  Would you like the Wings to trade for Semin?  What do you think it would take to get him and what is the most you would give up for him?  Shout off in the comments!