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Quick Hits: Let's Not Talk About Goalies

  • Jacques Lemaire says the next Devils coach will not be him.  Yeah, right.
  • Kings GM Dean Lombardi is still furious with the Oilers over the Ryan Smyth trade last month, insisting that Colin Fraser is unfit to play.  Trade will not be voided, however it is likely the Oilers will have to cough up a pick or another player.
  • The Osgood watch is beginning to piss me off, so no report on that this morning.  Kris Draper, however, is saying he will not do three things: sign a two way deal, compete for a roster spot at training camp, or play with another team.  So, basically, he's going to retire when Kenny tells him there isn't a spot for him.
  • Sidney Crosby has resumed on-ice workouts.  He hasn't played a game since January and hasn't skated since April due to concussions.  Love him or hate him, this can only be a good thing for the NHL.  There hasn't been a player as popular as him around the hockey world since Gretzky.  Hopefully, Evgeni Malkin is on the mend as well; there is little point in playing the Penguins (December 13th in Pittsburgh) without those two on the roster.
  • Completely unrelated to hockey, but the NFL and NFLPA agreed to a rookie pay scale and $120 million salary cap yesterday.  These were the final two hurdles to clear in their CBA.  The NFL Lockout should end in the next week or so.
  • Topic of the Day: If the Red Wings could add one more free agent, regardless of position, cap hit, and roster space, who would it be?  CapGeek, as always, has a great list to use for this.