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Quick Hits: It Is Freaking Hot Edition

Mr. Twelve
Mr. Twelve
  • I hopped on Twitter Sunday to see a bunch of tweets from Greg Wyshynski wondering how the Stanley Cup got lost.  Yes, the Stanley Cup got lost.  It was supposed to be with Nathan Horton but got delayed in a flight and didn't turn up when it was supposed to.  Of course, everyone panicked and it was found soon afterward.  Topic of discussion: what is your favorite Stanley Cup story?  Kid Rock and Chelios leaving it on the beach?  Draper's little girl pooping in it?
  • My second favorite free agent option (behind former Detroit Viper Sergei Samsonov) was re-signed by Calgary yesterdayBrendan Morrison signed a 1-year, $1.25 million deal to remain with a team.  Good for him, good for the Flames.  After the awful Alex Tanguay re-signing, they have somewhat redeemed themselves here.
  • Brendan Shanahan's R&D Camp is next month and apparently shallower nets are going to get a real hard look.  Not sure I like the idea of more space behind Jimmy.
  • Joe Sakic hit a hole-in-one over the weekend for $1 million.  He's giving half to the Livestrong Foundation.
  • Patrick Kane broke his wrist, but should be back by training camp.
  • Finally, ESPN has posted its early Defenseman Fantasy Rankings.  Take a look and discuss them in the comments.  The top ranked Wing is Nicklas Lidstrom at the #12 spot.  Yes, the Norris Trophy winner is less valuable in Fantasy Hockey than 11 people in the league.
  • [Bonus Addition]: Rory Boylen from The Hockey News is in Ekaterinburg, Russia to report from the hockey camp that Pavel Datsyuk helps run near the star's hometown. Give this one a read. We'll keep track of the series as Boylen files more stories and keep you posted.