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Photo Caption Contest Week 1: Just Wing It

Last week, SlapShotGoal dropped a great idea on us in a fanpost. She asked if there was any interest in keeping our collective WIIM funny bones sharp during the long and arduous summer months by doing a weekly photo captioning contest. Naturally, we as lovers of photo captions loved this idea as though it was our own (and will probably later claim it as ours under the ancient rite of primae noctis... or something.)

The rules are simple, we give you the picture, you give us the winning caption. This week's winner will be announced in next week's post and will win all of the joyful adulation and sinister jealousy that comes with it. Voting will be done using the "rec" feature. If you like somebody's caption, give it a rec by clicking "actions" on the comment and hitting the little star.  You can rec as many captions as you like, but you can only rec each one once.

If you come across a picture you think works well for the caption contest, please email it to me ( or Graham (