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Quick Hits: Team History, Team Future, and Draper's Future

The time is almost upon us.
The time is almost upon us.
  • Here is an interesting side effect of moving a franchise to a city that had previously lost another franchise: that previous franchise's history.  The Jets are currently trying to figure out how to best honor the history of the previous Jets franchise, a history currently honored by the Coyotes.  In particular, Evander Kane wears Bobby Hull's classic #9 and while the new Jets franchise will not retire (but will honor) members from the previous Jets franchise, Kane has opted to ask for permission from Hull to wear his #9.  Kind of messy, but a very classy move by Kane.
  • Doc Emerick steps down as the voice... of the Devils.  Did I have you going there for a second?
  • The Rangers went to arbitration with Brandon Dubinsky yesterday and man, did they win.  4 years, $16.8 million is substantially less than the 7-8 year, $5.25 million per year deal that he was searching for.

    UPDATE: As pointed out by zfan16, this is slightly incorrect.  They agreed to a deal just before arbitration.  ESPN's report is slightly clearer on the matter.
  • Scott Cullen has a nice little write-up on the giveaway leaders from last season.  Notable inclusions are Joe Thornton at #1, Ilya Kovalchuk at #6, and Brian Rafalski at #21 with 2.80 giveaways per 60 minutes played.
  • Per Malik, Ken Holland believes the Wings roster is 'ready to go'.  Doesn't sound like he is actively doing any trade shopping.  That little quote does not bode well for Draper.
  • Speaking of which, Malik's next article included this next little bit from the Windsor Star.  It does not look good for Draper's future:

Wings GM Ken Holland expects a decision on the future of free agent centre Kris Draper to come in the next week.

"I’m talking to him in the next couple of days," Holland said Tuesday from Vernon, B.C.

"His role is not as important as it was two or three years ago," Holland said. "He wants to stay a Red Wing, but we have 13 or 14 forwards."

  • Jordan Pearce signed a 2 year, 2 way deal to remain with the Wings yesterday.  It had previously been suggested he may abandon hockey altogether in favor of med school.  Apparently someone convinced him he had NHL possibilities.
  • Unrelated to Hockey, but the NFL owners approved a new CBA yesterday.  The players are going to vote today and they are expected to approve it as well.  The lockout should end sometime in the next few days with free agency scheduled to begin as soon as it does (training camps open on Wednesday, I believe).
  • Also unrelated to hockey, but the Pistons are expected to offer their head coaching job to Lawrence Frank, current Celtics assistant and former Nets head coach.  Head on over to SB Nation's Pistons blog Detroit Bad Boys to discuss that.
  • Late Addition: Geoff Detweiler at Broad Street Hockey penned an article that takes on some of the sillier concepts of those who argue against advanced statistics while also doing a very good job of staying on the logical side of the stat-wonks. The bottom line is that advanced stats are very useful, but can also be used for evil.
  • Late Addition 2: The Hockey News' Rory Boylen continues his awesome string of reports from Pavel Datsyuk's hockey school in Russia.