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Quick Hits: Live Long and Prospal

  • The Columbus Blue Jackets had the biggest signing since Stamkos re-signed by signing Vinny Prospal.  Prospal is getting older, but is still capable of putting up 50 points in a season, even if he is not the same player he was in Tampa Bay.
  • In an odd twist, Islanders GM Garth Snow is talking to Alexei Yashin about returning to Long Island.  So not only will they be paying him for his previous contract (until 2015), they will also be paying him for a new one.  
  • Former Red Wing Aaron Downey will be working with the Griffins throughout the season as their strength and conditioning coach.
  • Khan has a good article on the state of our cap and roster.  Mainly he speaks of how Holland not exhausting our cap means we can make mid-season moves and that the only way we can re-sign Kris Draper is if we move someone before the start of the season.
  • Remember the awful Jets logo I posted on Friday?  As has been noted, the similarities between it and the Canadian Air Force logo is uncanny.  Perhaps that is why True North is donating $1 million to the military over the next 10 years.
  • Let us end today's Quick Hits with one hell of an arrest: former Ranger Derek Boogaard died in May after having a lethal combo of drugs and alcohol one day after leaving rehab.  Police have now arrested his younger brother for giving him the drugs that led to his death.  Can't help but feel sorry for the Boogaard family right now.