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Quick Hits: Not Again Edition

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  • For the third, and likely not final, time this offseason, we have woken up knowing that one of our beloved Wings will likely call it a career later this morning.  The Red Wings have a press conference scheduled for 11am today with Kris Draper, who is likely to hang up his skates for good.  It is (yet another) sad day in Hockeytown as we watch another lifetime Wing retire.  Winging it in Motown will have more coverage later in the morning, so keep your eyes peeled.
  • Puck Daddy has their Top 25 centers posted.  Pavel Datsyuk is #2 behind only Sidney Crosby.  I may not like Crosby, but I cannot really argue with either one being placed in the top spot.  Thoughts?

2. Pavel Datsyuk, Detroit Red Wings: You know, he just might be the best all-around player in the game today.

I'll continue to post these in Quick Hits as Puck Daddy lists their other positions.  Henrik Zetterberg was also listed at #14 and described as "underrated."

  • Wysh also has a fun little excerpt from his book up on Puck Daddy detailing how former Red Wing and current NHL big wig Brendan Shanahan was signed by the Blues.  I never knew any of this, so it was definitely a good read.
  • A candidate for the Mike Sillinger Award re-signed yesterday.  Steve Eminger, not even 30 years old yet, has played with six different teams since 2003.  He signed a 1 year deal to remain with the Rangers.  Not exactly job security, but I don't think he was expecting any.
  • Gary Bettman received a raise last year of 4%.  His salary was $7.5 million for the year, at least 25% lower than any other commissioner (the next lowest is likely David Stern who likely makes $10 million or more a year).  This salary is more than double what it was pre-lockout.  What does everyone think of his paycheck?
  • Late Addition: Yahoo! is reporting that Mike Richards and Jeff Carter were forced out of Philadelphia, in part, because they didn't take part in the team's 'mandatory' "Dry Islands," in which each player pledged to not drink for one full month.  Doesn't seem like something you would blow your roster up for but I'm not Paul Holmgren.  Also of note, Puck Daddy points out that Chris Pronger will likely be named the next captain of the Flyers.  This will be the third time he is a team captain (previously captaining the Blues and Ducks).