Bill Roose: Commodore will Not be Wearing #64


From a tweet on Bill Roose's Twitter feed, (among other things), Mike Commodore will be wearing his familiar #22 with the Red Wings, thus ending the great Commodore 64 headache. Here's to hoping that everybody who pledged in the Puck Daddy Commodore 64 drive can find a way to donate the money anyway. Also of interest, apparently Ian White will be taking #18. It's going to be weird seeing soembody wearing Maltby's number so soon. He's going to have a lot to live up to. [Update from Commodore's Twitter feed (@Commie22)] "I guess word is out that I will be wearing 22 this year. It was a really tough decision that I went back and forth on many times. Wearing 64 would have been neat and cool, but I just didn't feel like this was the right year to do it. In my opinion getting an opportunity to play in Detroit is a special thing, and I felt like I needed to wear a # that is special to me. 22 is that # for me." "I really appreciate the interest and support the #64 generated, I wish @CommodoreUSA all the best with their computers, as a matter a fact I am going to order one when I get to Detroit, and I will get in touch with @wyshynski about the $64 pledges, and I will match it and donate money to charity. Which charity that is I don't know yet, but I will figure it that out in sept when I get to Detroit."