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Video of the Day - Gone Fischin'


Stick tap to Cornelious for posting his "Video of the Week."  It's an idea we are going to adopt here at WIIM and modify to get us and our readers through the doldrums of the offseason.  Today is the first installment of our Video of the Day series.

Today we hop in the YouTube time machine and travel back to the 2003-2004 season.  

It was the night of October 16, 2003.  The Red Wings faced the Canucks in the third game of the season and budding star Jiri Fischer sent Daniel Sedin through the glass at the Joe.  I like the video for a few reasons, 1) Fischer shows the type of physical beast he was becoming on the Wings' blueline and 2) D. Sedin gets crushed through the glass and then promptly drops to the ground and embellishes the hit.  Yes, I know he went through the glass and it probably hurt, but he turtles a bit and seemed okay skating off the ice.  Maybe I'm just cruel (or maybe I watched the Sedins flop through the Cup Final).  

Enjoy the video and reminisce of what could have been for Fischer and his career with the Wings.