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WIIM Regular Season Prediction Contest Results

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Sorry this took so insanely long to finish, but we have finally tallied the scores of the WIIM Regular Season Prediction Contest and are ready to announce the winner.

First up, a reminder on how the contest worked. In every morning skate, we posted a prediction form for people to guess the final score and the player of the game. Entries ended at gametime and cheaters were instantly disqualified. A person got one point for guessing either the score (with winner) correct or the player of the game. Guessing both correct for the same game was worth 4 points.

Overall, we had 74 participants who scored at least one point during the contest, but the winner with 17 total points (off the strength of 3 correct game predictions) was Ahtrap! You've won a T-Shirt from the Winging It In Motown online store. Please send us an email and we'll take care of the ordering.

Keep reading for the full points breakdown.

No doubt, many of you are wondering where you stood in the contest points. Here's the complete list. As a note, I put the writers up top for reference, not because we're the best (*ahem)

The Writers

Name Points
J.J. from Kansas 16.5
Amerinadian19 15.5
Casey Richey 3
JeffHancock41 1
Robocop 1
Apocalyptic0n3 0

(BTW, Graham and I went into the last day of the season tied and he picked Chicago to win 4-3. I went with Detroit 3-2 and took Pavel Datsyuk as PoTG. Just goes to show that bad things happen to those who pick against the Wings).

The Readers

Name Points
Ahtrap 17
Red, White and a Mile High 16.5
rock n rye 14
Onevilklown 13.5
DetroitSports 13.5
Elfuego51 12.5
TuLoRocks2008 12
Kylegroombridge 11.5
uvgt2bkdnme 9
LeftWingLocked 8.5
igorzba 8.5
HockeyGuy9125 7.5
Bharatwaj5 7
Mardiros Efendi 7
Baroque 7
wingsluver4ever 7
mrsunshine 6
Kjell 6
Dannik99 5.5
holmstrom96 5
wzit2ya 5
normypants 4
Darthferrer 4
AriTwice 3.5
Brobz 3
Rwings 3
Dubie 3
dewman8810 3
bond021 3
nbschaff 3
Pentatonic 3
zfan16 3
Bird6 3
gander 2.5
SpartanHockey89 2
Xzyler 2
von awesome 2
originalrecipeizzy 2
Veihl789 2
NewSyntax 1.5
TigerFanGR 1
Henry Black 1
pzar11 1
Sparto 1
Jim P 1
handsomerob1 1
eight_legged_freaks 1
gotigs 1
eshad15 1
NaturalHatTrick 1
NatiTalia 1
Remember Bo 1
Phatty Phaddy 1
mallen9 1
cubsrredwings 1
DetroitRedWings1926 1
adamgruel 1
wingedwarrior27 1
Boltmister55 1
MajesticY 1
bearit88 1
Sprout42 1
tgummerer 1
ZWC11 1
Kazoowings 1
Shumu 1
Brion 0.5
rrasco 0.5
PavelsBabbles 0.5

Thanks again to everybody who participated. Stay tuned for next year's prediction contest.