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Red Wings Sign RW Chris Conner

The Detroit Red Wings have announced the signing of Westland, MI native Chris Conner to a one-year deal. The speedy undrafted Winger has spend time as a depth player for both the Dallas Stars and the Pittsburgh Penguins. In his 139 games at the NHL level, Conner has a decent 40 points. His career-high total of 16 came last year when he played in 60 games for Pittsburgh to fill depth for a team battling injuries.

SB Nation's scouting report on him states that he displays blazing speed and plenty of work ethic on every shift. Unfortunately, the report also calls him "fairly tiny by today's NHL standards and lacks the strength to win battles in the corners regularly." Stating that he "also lacks a little hockey sense and confidence at the highest level."

Casey contacted Hooks Orpik from SB Nation Penguins blog Pensburgh and got this scouting report on him:

he's a really good grinder....good speed, excellent at working down low
doesn't have great hands or skill, won't put up points, but works really hard and doesn't take any shifts off

The Penguins were 39-14-7 85 points (.708) with Chris Conner in the lineup. Without him, they were 10-11-1 21 points (.477)


Additionally, I asked Derek from Pensblog to weigh in. Here's what he had to say:

my quote " don't ever let him take a penalty shot."


"good grinder though. Pens had a bizarre, really good record, when he was in the lineup."


Additional details will be added when they become available.

[Update #1: Thanks to zfan16 for finding this from the Freep. It's a two-way deal. No idea on money specifics, but we'll have that as soon as Capgeek leaks it.]