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Video of the Day - Buckets

August 11's Video of the Day features the resident #11 on the Red Wings.  It's a Danny Cleary day today.  We take a trip back to the 2009 Western Conference semifinals against the Ducks.  Cleary scores the game-winning goal with 3 minutes remaining in game 7.  What an epic series, epic game, and epic clutch play by Buckets.  

Which brings me to my question of the day...which current NHL team do you hate the most?  Sure we dislike the Avs, but that rivalry isn't exactly the same as it was 10 years ago.  For me, currently, it's the Ducks.  Some of the faces have changed, but the ugly mugs of Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry still remain.  I don't care if the Ducks are in first or last place.  I hope the Wings destroy and humiliate them every time they meet.