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Wings Preseason Schedule Released

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It's been almost 3 months since the Wings were eliminated by the Sharks in this year's WCSF, and for Wing fans, that's a long time without meaningful hockey. Thankfully, we've received news today on when we can next see our beloved boys in red take to the ice.

The NHL has released their pre-season schedule, and the Wings will be facing the usual suspects they see every spring. We have yet to receive any information on whether these games will be on TV, but at least we now know when the preseason schedule will begin.

Below are all of the Wings' preseason games and opponents. All times are ET.

Sept. 21: Detroit at Pittsburgh 7
Sept. 22: Detroit vs. Philadelphia at London, Ontario, 7
Sept. 23: Philadelphia at Detroit 7:30
Sept. 25
: Chicago at Detroit, 5
Sept. 28
: Detroit at Chicago, 8:30
Sept. 30
: Toronto at Detroit, 7:30
Oct. 1
: Detroit at Toronto, 7
Oct. 2
: Pittsburgh at Detroit, 5

Real hockey is almost upon us. We're just over a month away.