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Quick Hits: August 12th

Red Wings News

Red Wings still looking for breakout season from Valtteri Filppula | Detroit Free Press
With the Red Wings' roster for the upcoming season pretty well set, it's a good time to take a closer look at select players. Today's subject: forward Valtteri Filppula.

Commie22's Quote of the Morning - 11 August
The fellas at Nightmare on Helm Street like that Mike Commodore isn't shy on his twitter feed. I do too.

The Wizard of Os: The Wiz Biz: Retiring an NHL Number
A good look at the way jersey retirements have been handled around the league.

A Home for Stevie " The Production Line
Remember the Red Wings as characters from the Holy Grail post? Stevie from TPL was that fantastic artist who did that, and now all of her work is together in one place.

Elsewhere Around the League

BoC at the Movies: Den Brother - Battle of California
Kind of a long read, but worth it for "You know how some people have faces you just want to punch? This guy has a face I'd like to remove with a cheese grater. "

Captain Suter - On the Forecheck
Sam Page says the Predators should explore trading estranged captain Shea Weber and replacing him with Ryan Suter.

The New Economics of the NHL - Matchsticks and Gasoline
Good thinker about how Canada could support even more teams if it came to that.

Dallas Stars Sale: Is The US Economy Affecting The Process? - Defending Big D
Brandon Worley looks at the impact the US Economy is having on selling the Stars.

A Closer Look at Martin Brodeur's Save Percentages by Season - In Lou We Trust
A closer look at Martin Brodeur's save percentages from the 1997-98 season to the 2010-11 season thanks to's splits between even strength, power play, and shorthanded situations.

And Now, the 10 Most Lopsided Avalanche Losses - Mile High Hockey
Before clicking, I want you to guess how many Red Wings games are on this list.