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Video of the Day: What Could Have Been

With news of Fabian Brunnstrom's signing still sending shockwaves through Red Wing nation, one couldn't help but be reminded of Ville Leino, the Wings' booby prize after they failed to land Brunnstrom the first time around.

When Johan Franzen went down early in the 2009-10 season with a torn ACL, many thought that Leino would thrive given the ice time with Henrik Zetterberg and fill the Mule's shoes adequately enough while Franzen recovered. Unfortunately, like when my daughter wears my running shoes, there was a lot of falling down and crying about being hurt rather than scoring goals.

However, the Leino era did 2 things for us: it allowed us to coin a term for the press box ("Leino Lounge") and he showed a glimpse of his skill with this very nice goal against the Blue Jackets. It's a shame that he couldn't live up to the expectations we had for him here in Detroit, but we wish him well going forward (pay no attention to my fingers crossed behind my back).