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Quick Hits: Fedorov, NHL 12, Brendan Smith/Shanahan

  • As a result of the deaths of Rick Rypien and Derek Boogaard, the NHL will review its both its substance abuse and behavioral health programs.  [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Helene St. James's next player preview is fan-favorite prospect Brendan Smith.  Nothing all that surprising in this preview: Smith must prove he is NHL ready and capable of playing at least half a season is he is going to beat out Mike Commodore and Jakub Kindl to get that 6th/7th defenseman spot.  My money is on waiting another year before we see him in the big leagues, but Holland and crew really seem to think he stands a chance at making the team.  If he does, however, I worry we may try to trade Kindl. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Surprising results from the Brendan Shanahan headed Research & Development Camp: 3-on-3 play does not open up the ice like originally believed.  It actually led to tighter checking and play along with tired players.  The NHL is looking at 3-on-3 as a possible alternative or addition to the current Overtime-Shootout method to resolve ties.  Anyone else just wish they would bring back the tie? [Puck Daddy]
  • Oren Koules, co-owner of one of the most disastrous ownership groups of all time, is trying to own another team in the NHL.  He last co-owned the Tampa Bay Lightning until a bitter dispute with a partner led to them selling the team (after pretty much sinking it and leaving it for Steve Yzerman to clean up). [Puck Daddy]
  • Single game tickets go on sale September 1st. [MLive]
  • Time to start panicking in Los Angeles?  The LA Times is reporting that there is no deal in place between the Kings and star defenseman Drew Doughty and that Doughty's agent says no deal is even close.  With training camp fast approaching, things do not look good.  Especially with your 3 year pro turning down 9 year deals worth $6.5 million annually. [Jewels From the Crown]
  • A day after digging into Danny Cleary for "cheating" in his bobblehead campaign and openly campaigning for lockerroom neighbor Darren Helm to win the final campaign, Todd Bertuzzi has made a startling jump to be first in voting.  Go figure. [The Malik Report]
  • Former NHL regular Michael Nylander got an invite to Flyers training camp.  He was roughly a point-per-game player in his 920 career games, but broke his neck during a game against the Griffins last year. [Broad Street Hockey]
  • Hollis at TPL asks the tough question: was the Franzen contract a mistake and should we cut ties if he doesn't show his value? [The Production Line]
  • Via Malik, apparently my favorite player is considering unretiring.  Sergei Fedorov retired from international play after the Olympics last year, but is now reconsidering to help Russia out. [The Malik Report]
  • EA Sports has revealed more of their NHL 12 Legends including Steve Yzerman.  That now brings the legends team to Wayne Gretzky, Chris Chelios, Patrick Roy, Jeremy Roenick, Ray Borque, Borje Salming (who played his final NHL season with the Wings), and Yzerman.  There will be two more revealed before launch next month for a total of 9.  9 legends. (insert creepy Sesame Street image here) [Detroit Free Press]

Good news, people.  I am no longer struggling to find hockey-related news which means the season is only 6 weeks away (I gauge news like Pennsylvania gauge their groundhogs).  So, with that in mind, what do you look forward to most now that hockey is almost upon us again?