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The Hockey Twitter-verse

Recently, I have had some users asking me who to follow on Twitter to get the best hockey and Red Wings coverage possible.  Instead of continuing to respond individually, I have decided to put together a list of media, bloggers, players, and fans for you to look at and possibly follow.  Hopefully this does not render my daily Quick Hits extinct.

Winging It In Motown Bloggers

Official Red Wings Accounts

Hockey Media


Other Players

Miscellaneous Accounts

Winging It In Motown Readers

Now, readers, post your Twitter accounts in the comments so that we can fill our Twitter pages with even more bathroom hockey tweets.  If you think of anyone we missed, don't feel shy to let us know and call me an idiot for missing the person.



  • 2:13PM on 8-2-11: Added @NotPavelDatsyuk to list.  More to come later tonight.
  • 2:33PM on 8-2-11: I lied.  Something like 15 new accounts added