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Video of the Day - Datsyuk to Datsyuk



Today's Video of the Day comes from WIIM reader Alex Hornecker.  His reasoning for selecting this video: 

Back in '01-'02 Datsyuk's pass to himself off the back of the goal.  This is when I knew that he was going to be one of the greats.

I have to agree with the pass to himself.  Quite an impressive play by Pavel Datsyuk who was a rookie at the time (playing with Brett Hull and Boyd Devereaux, the original Two Kids and a Goat line).  The play occurs just after the 2 minute mark of the video.  This video brings for to a question for all the WIIM readers out there.  When did you know that Datysuk was going to be one of the greats?  Was there a specific assist, goal, or play in general that you remember?  Let's us know in the comments.