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Quick Hits: AM Radio, Crosby's Head, and a Mule

  • Amid reports of a hefty setback in his recovery from concussion, Sidney Crosby's agent has refuted reports that he will miss at least the start of training camp.  I can only hope his agent is being truthful here.  As much as I despise Crosby, the league needs him healthy and playing his ass off every single night. [Puck Daddy]
  • For the first time in, as far as I know, ever, the Wings will not be broadcast on AM radio this following season.  AM 1270 has been broadcasting Wings, Pistons, Tigers, and Lions games since 2000 but will revert back to its original political talk on the 12th.  FM 97.1 will become the exclusive radio broadcaster for the Wings this season. [Detroit Free Press]
  • The viewing time for the Stanley Cup in Jackson on Thursday has changed from the originally reported 3PM-6PM to 7:30PM-9:30PM.  You will also be able to check it out in Ann Arbor earlier in the day. [MLive]
  • Last week, Hollis at TPL posted an article suggesting it may be time to cut ties with The Mule himself, Johan Franzen.  Today, Rob Discher wholeheartedly disagrees.  Another fantastic writeup from the TPL crew and well worth the 5 minutes it will take to read. [The Production Line]
  • Hockey Tracker has an excellent article up regarding the additions the Wings made to their team this season.  They, along with the rest of the non-Wings media, believe Ian White will be Lidstrom's partner and will be Brian Rafalski's replacement. [Hockey Tracker]
  • Forgot to post this yesterday, but your favorite goalie of ol' David Aebischer got an invite to Jets camp.  If you don't remember him, he was part of the Avalanche teams that we all loved to hate a decade ago (as well as a member of some fantastic Hershey Bears teams).  [Arctic Hockey]
  • Random link, but DBD has a player preview up for Stars backup Andrew Raycroft.  Raycroft was, at one point, thought to be one of young goalies in the league with the highest upside.  And then 47 year old Tim Thomas happened and Raycroft has never been the same.  [Defending Big D]

Discussion of the day: what non-NHL, non-peewee teams have you seen play in person?