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Quick Hits: Logan Couture, Fantasy Hockey, and Prospects

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  • Per CSN, the San Jose Sharks have agreed to a two-year contract extension with Logan Couture. The kid is going to be a star in this league, so unless they ended up paying him $8 million a year, good move by the Sharks. [CSN]
  • The Sabres arena, formerly the HSBC Arena, has been renamed the First Niagara Center. Jokes have already been sprung about the Sabres playing in the F'N Center. [Die By The Blade]
  • Funny little tweet regarding the name change from Sabres fan Tom Deering [@]

The Sabres finally got an F'N center, but not the kind we wanted.

  • Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey is a go. I can't wait for the season to start. [Yahoo! Fantasy Sports]
  • USA Today has a decent article up highlighting the 10 players most ready to make an impact. Unlike most other lists that have sprung up regarding this topic lately, there is no mention of Ian White. [USA Today]
  • Red Wings single game tickets went on sale yesterday. [Detroit Free Press]
    EDIT: As pointed out in the comments, tickets go on sale next Thursday, not yesterday Thursday. My mistake.
  • The Red Wings have posted the official roster for the Traverse City Prospects Camp. Nothing we weren't expecting and there were no late additions of Tomas Tatar, Thomas McCollum, or Jordan Pearce. [Red Wings]
  • In the NHL, if a goalie shoots the puck up and over the glass, he gets a 2 minute minor penalty that is served by one of his teammates. In Europe, if that puck hits a fan... it's a game misconduct. Or so was the case for Predators phenom prospect Magnus Hellberg. For the sake of NHL 12, I hope this rule never comes to the NHL; I'd actually have to learn how to bank the puck off the top of the boards. [Puck Daddy]

Discussion of the Day: What is your ideal fantasy team? Keep in mind this is for Fantasy Hockey and while Lidstrom is TPH, players like Zdeno Chara, Shea Weber, Mike Green, etc. all put up better fantasy stats than he does (same can be said for a lot of Wings).