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The St. Louis Blues' New Slogan is Awesome

Some hilarious news from our good friends over at St Louis Game Time, as hildymac shares the Blues' new marketing slogan for this year:

Yep, "Don't Stop Believing" is the new slogan. Nice to know that there are people in that organization who pay close enough attention to borrow a title from a song that's most well-known in NHL circles as being played at the Joe Louis Arena. Unfortunately, what's funny for me is not a laughing matter for the paying fans of that club:

Please tell me there's time to change this

What the hell?!
Were they in a hurry the day they decided to pick this slogan? They couldn’t have spent more then three minutes mulling it over.
I really hope they didn’t pay much for a gem of an idea, such as this.


Dont the Red Wings play this song

Like every game?

We may as well start blasting Chelsea Dagger. The Cardinals already jumped on that train.





My favorite part is that there's a group of people asking St. Louis to bring back the "Bleed Blue" slogan, which was always hilarious to somebody who grew up to be taught that having blue blood meant your family was fond of "keeping marriage in the tree."

Perhaps my favorite response of all was the silver lining put on by user annabelle151:


At least there’s another reason to yell "Fuck Detroit" at every game.

Indeed there is, annabelle. Indeed. There. Is.