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Weekend Quick Hits/Open Thread

Just five more weekends before the Wings drop the puck on the 2011-12 NHL season. We'll have player previews starting monday as well as a great series of posts by Graham as we start to warm up the engines.  Until then, here are some links:

Mike Modano still 'on the fence' about playing again - ESPN Dallas
For some strange reason, I'm a lot more patient with Modano and him fighting with a very tough decision in an offseason where nobody's expecting him to sign with Detroit. Funny how that happens.

Hockey Canada wants more non-bodychecking options for youth
Very nuanced situation here, especially when you throw in the idea of small, rural communities where the kids spend as much time together off the ice as on. So which slippery slope should they step onto: the one where kids cost future Team Canada squads a superstar because of injuries and/or bullying or the one where all of Canadian hockey development falls behind due to the kids not being taught a skill that will likely remain a part of hockey forever?

Bourne Blog: Taking concussions seriously at last - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Justin (not Jason) Bourne is extremely happy with the progress the NHL has made in addressing headshots. That the NHL is finally taking concussions seriously is a great step forward, both for the players and the fans. Justin always kills it, and this is yet another fantastic post from one of PD's best writers.

Individual Point Percentage by Team - Western Conference - The Copper & Blue
Interesting look at what percentage of points each player got of total goals scored while he was on the ice. Not sure why he doubts Cleary was as involved as he was, but it just goes to show how underappreciated Charlie Buckets is.

Catching up on coaching in Ottawa – MacLean hire revisited | The Hockey Writers
High praise from Detroit in here. The Hockey Writers hope that MacLean can bring the right kind of attitude (and the kind of communication skills that Clouston apparently lacked) into Ottawa.

Red Wings hoping Brunnstrom can reclaim NHL career - NHL - Sporting News
Craig Custance talks more on the Fabian Brunnstrom situation with some good quotes by Jim Nill about how he fits the Red Wings' style of play and how he has something to prove with this chance.

KuklasKorner : The Malik Report : Red Wings overnight report: (almost) everybody ‘likes’ the Wings
Malik covers his variety of Wings-related news tidbits. I wanted to include this link as a plea to readers out there about Malik's attempts to get to Traverse City for the prospects camp and main training camp. He's done an excellent job covering those in the past and is asking for help in the form of donations to help pay his way there. If there's any amount you can give for what will be exhaustive and wonderful coverage, please head over there and give his Paypal button a click.

No topic of the day on weekends. Anything goes (unless it doesn't)